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Chartering a yacht in Croatia - why rent a yacht from Split

Chartering a yacht in Croatia - why rent a yacht from Split?

In case you are thinking about renting a yacht in Croatia for your next vacation, here are a few reasons you might want to charter a yacht from the city Split area.

Croatian food: Traditional wedding menu in Dalmatia

Croatian food - Traditional wedding menu in Dalmatia

While I was preparing to write a story on food in Croatia, being a food lover and a travel fan myself, I wanted it to be about an experience someone visiting the country doesn’t usually have the chance to be part of.

Quick guide to yacht charter in Croatia

Useful tips for boat charter in Croatia

Maybe you've already visited or friends told you what a great time they had, bottom line is – you are thinking about spending your next vacation in Croatia and you would like it to be a sailing vacation. Before you go any further, here are a few tips you might find useful.

Tales of Croatian wine: Dalmatia

Tales of Croatian wine: Dalmatia (photo by: Maja Petric, source: Unsplash)

There’s an old saying that goes “A vineyard needs a slave, wine needs a master.”. This one line perfectly encompasses all the hard work needed to make good wine and the will power required to prevail its seductiveness.

Details that will help your travel agent find the right yacht for you

Useful information when chartering a yacht in Croatia

Beside usual information like: are you interested in a motor yacht, catamaran or sailboat charter, bareboat or with crew, for how many people, in which period, etc., there are some other details that might be very helpful when you decide to contact a travel agent to help you charter a yacht in Croatia. Here are some of them.

Visit to Krka National Park (in pictures)

Visit to Krka National Park

What to do on a cloudy day? If you are not afraid of a little bit of rain, a visit to one of Croatia’s most enchanting National Parks might be something to think about.

How to anchor safely and reduce the impacts on marine environment

How to anchor safely in Croatia

"Improper anchoring, discharged bilge water, littering, noise, speed boats and various human activities can be very harmful to the natural environment. It is necessary that each individual takes responsibility for their actions in order to prevent irreparable damage."

Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce

Croatian islands and lighthouses - Palagruža

Dalmatian islands and lighthouses - Palagruža

Presumably coming from the Greek word "pelagos" meaning open sea, located almost in the middle of the Adriatic sea, the Palagruža archipelago rightfully carries its name.

How to rent a yacht in Croatia

How to rent a yacht in Croatia (source: unsplash)

According to a research from 2017. 43% of people interested in chartering a yacht in Croatia choose the Internet as their main source of information. Having that in mind, once you’ve decided to charter a yacht there are generally three ways you can go about it.

Nautical Info Service Croatia

Nautical info service Croatia - Charter Split

A free multilingual application for smartphones published by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructureof the Republic of Croatia.

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