How to rent a yacht in Croatia (source: unsplash)

According to a research from 2017. 43% of people interested in chartering a yacht in Croatia choose the Internet as their main source of information. Having that in mind, once you’ve decided to charter a yacht there are generally three ways you can go about it.

Find a boat on a large on-line platform, have a travel agent find it for you or contact a charter company.

On-line platform

How to rent a yacht in Croatia (source: pexels)

The biggest advantage of a large on-line boat charter platform is the size of the offer. In one place you can find thousands of diferent types of vessels, from sailboats and catamarans to motor boats and luxury yachts, available from various destinations worldwide.

Charter company

If you would prefer to rent a boat directly from the people in charged of taking care of the one you’ll be spending your vacation on, most charter companies have their own websites so you can always choose to do your own research and find that one company you think would be just right for you.

How to rent a yacht in Croatia (source: pexels)

Travel agent

Last but not least, travel agents. The main reason for using the services of a travel agent is the fact that today it is basically like having your personal travel assistant who won’t just get you offers for boat rental from various charter companies but will also help you in case you need some additional services or run into problems during your vacation.

To sum things up, the yacht charter market is highly competitive and regardless if you decide to hire a yacht by using an on-line platform, the services of a travel agent or directly contact a charter company the bottom line is it’s your vacation and everything leading up to it should also be an enjoyable experience.

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Vedran Cvitanić / CHARTER SPLIT

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